Allen O'Neil

Allen O'Neil is an unlockable unit.


Allen O'Neil is a fairly strong, late-game heavy unit easily obtainable by all players. He has a good damage output, but has a slightly lower-than-average HP for his high AP cost. His special attack is decent, dealing good spread damage but can be a bit hard to time well.

A player can obtain this by freeing all POWs in the Allen O'Neil emergency mission in World 2.


  • Allen O'Neil, though being a late-game unit, should not be used as your "carry". That is, your ace in the hole. He has a small hitbox and can be knocked back fairly easily, so he is not a true tank.
  • This unit is excellent for beginners, as this is one of the most easily obtained late-game units.
  • Allen O'Neil can be deployed as your first unit by saving AP, but this leaves you very vulnerable to fast decks. It is best to leave him alone until you have established control of the battlefield.
  • Allen O'Neil's special attack is useless on any map that is not flat. The explosion can hit and kill weak flying units (Tested with MH-6s).