Unlock and Price

The Arabian Fighter Is unlocked at Area 3/World 1

Its Price is 20 Medals, Its Part Of Arabian Pack

Unit TypeEdit

Category Normal Attack Special Ability
Attack Type Melee Melee
Damage Type Splash Piercing
Resistance Strong Unit - - - - -

Special Ability: Swing Sword: Its begins to swing his sword and running forwards ignoring everything until it ends or gets killed.


The Arabian Fighter have 450 HP at level 1 and 900 HP at level 20

His Special Attack Is swing his sword while walking making high damage to all reached in his Range


These units can come form your base or from an 3-Ton Utility Truck, they can make good damage aganist Static Units, but cant receive too much.


This unit makes part in the Arabian Pack

Its the only unit that can be summoned by other 2 units (Abul Abbas, and 3-Ton Utility Truck)*

  • Abul Indirectly Summons this, because he makes the Utility Truck