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Big Shiee

"A gigantic battleship of the Morden's Army. This battleship can battle on both water and land."

Big Shiee is a "Boss" added in the 1.5.0 update. This is the strongest boss in the game also the largest unit. It is purchasable and can be deployed.


Available in the shop for 500 Medals (since 1.36.1).

The playable version of Big Shiee has one major difference from the CPU boss: it is immune to knockback during its special attack.


The main attack is very effective against other bosses, as they can penetrate and rack up tons of damage overall at the cost of having some blind spots. The special is not as good though, as it is only good when a strong enemy air unit comes close, then it can use the special to blast it out of the sky, though the special is overall bad, and is inferior to the basic attack for this role when there are ground units. Overall, it needs some support for small enemies(Karn and Formor covers its blind spots well), and is very slow, but is great for fighting any large units (this unit perfectly counters Iron Nokana and Jupiter king, which have large profiles and low health).