• ThatShadowGuy

    1.42.0 Wish List!

    February 7, 2016 by ThatShadowGuy

    Yes. I'm doing this. I am. Doing this. Okay!

    1. SNK really should make Dragon Nosuke "playable" already. We already have Big Shiee, The Keesi, Jupiter King MK2, Sandmarine... so why not Dragon Nosuke?! (Keep in mind: the bosses I mentioned were CPU-only units in the earlier updates.)

    2. A STAGE CREATOR?!?! Yes. I know, THAT is probably too much to ask for. But it still could be possible... right? :3 . So anyway, a stage creator, in which you could choose what units the CPU opponent has, in which pattern it sends them out, how much health the enemy base has, which  unit it spawns when your units get close to it and so on... All stages you make would be stored in a special world map.

    3. Maybe, also make Emain Macha available in the shop. Or som…

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  • Toxic alkaloid

    Super Devils

    January 29, 2016 by Toxic alkaloid

    Super Devils are unlocked in the event shop (version 1.41.1) after getting 10,000 points (combo medals from MS4, not sure what they're called). Your rank will change to the Super Devil icon (the one used for NPCs online).

    The four units are just called 'Super Devil', not 'Super Devil Marco/Tarma/Eri/Fio'.

    They cost 10,000 points EACH in the shop. Buying a Super Devil does not cause the others to vanish. Have fun!

    The description says you can only pack one Super Devil in your team. (EDIT: I can confirm that trying to drag a second Super Devil into your team will just cause him/her to replace the other one.)

    They are mind-blowingly expensive to upgrade. Even before level 30 you'll be using 200k+ points to get a single level.

    They seem to have the…

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  • ThatShadowGuy

    Update 1.41.1!

    January 28, 2016 by ThatShadowGuy

    I already have Version 1.41.1 on my Android, so let's have a quick look at the new stuff!

    1. New event: first cooperative event in the game's history! Each level has a restriction on how much AP in total your deck costs. Each area has levels divided by four difficulty levels (like the Gigant units event). Every time you clear a level, you gain points. Enough points = new rank in the event!

    2. New units! 

    2.1. Future bazooka soldier (flying). A pretty useful air unit, good for "harassment". Tier: B.

    2.2. Future MV-28B or whatever that jeep was called. Minigun rebel on steroids. Much more useful than the normal jeep. Tier: A.

    2.3. Future Masknell! Certainly a better unit than the normal Masknell, since... 1. This one sticks around until death. 2.…

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  • Blancfaye7

    Metal Slug Attack

    January 20, 2016 by Blancfaye7

    So I downloaded Metal Slug Attack today. I had a check on what's great about it. I felt excited, then my excitement went down to disappointment.


    It doesn't feel right. Metal Slug became one of those mobile games with these oddly similar features: Item Sockets, Evolution, Skills, etc. It feels like a copy of another game, just that the assets are different. The 'Battle' feature allows you to pick an opponent, which is also an oddly similar feature to another game. I don't feel any uniqueness around it. Unit Acquisition is now based on random numbers now as well. There is also a VIP feature.

    Here is what I think that will happen to most PvP battles: Strategy would come only 2nd, 1st is the unit growth. Unit growth is very much highlighted …

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  • Blancfaye7

    Google Spreadsheet Link


    I am currently maintaining a spreadsheet file which contains the updated list of units in Metal Slug Defense.

    It is heavily influenced by the guides in a blog (link), but I have my own thoughts about the Tier rankings. I also want the community to share their own thoughts. Check it out!

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  • Toxic alkaloid

    Update 1.40...

    January 13, 2016 by Toxic alkaloid

    (WARNING: Christmas Eri and Fio are no longer buyable in 1.40.0!!! 300 medals each in 1.39.0 only, no discount for you!)

    About Update 1.40.0, two fortnights after 1.39.0, from the Metal Slug World FB page:


    We are opening "KING OF FIGHTERS".

    This year, we will adopt a special rule of competition between teams of 10 fighters.

    That's all... [R]'

    I don't like the phrasing of 'special rule of competition', it's like they'll bend the rules or something or steer the game towards KOF defense. But read on...

    Note the 'R' at the end. Apparently this means Rugal (a BOSS) from KOF is likely to appear. 

    I don't play or give a shit about KOF but their bosses are infamous for being OP as fuck.

    Right now the metagame is already centered around RRLM, bosses …

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  • Toxic alkaloid

    After some trials, I have determined that stage 4-4 (Keesi III boss stage with purely air enemies) is the least stressful and highest-yielding stage for stars.

    I can usually get 50k+ stars each round, though I quit until I get 60k+. Clearing gives you only 2k stars but the stage itself makes up for it. In contrast, 5-4 usually gives 30k+ points (and 5k for clearing). I have not experimented with 5-1 (which is farmable as I did get high stars when I tried it) but that stage can be incredibly stressful, and UFO Invader is my key unit on that stage (very few people would have bought that)

    The key to this stage is to kill off as many helicopters as you can before they fly off (Future Shobu doesn't fly off). SNK seems to have given them high star…

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  • Elizzi

    2vs2 only gives 3 medals every 5 wins, and since the insane amount of hackers in PVP. It's impossible to win those 3 medals. Mission Is also impossible since there's a glitch in mission 124 that makes it impossible to hit that UFO. I've done the sortie missions and completed all the S stages. What's the best and fastest way to earn medals? Share your thoughts

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  • Elizzi


    December 3, 2015 by Elizzi

    The new update is out guys!!!

    And I don't know if this is a glitch or not, but I got over 1900000 coins for free!!!!!! DAMN!!!! Read more >
  • Poh.jiarong.7

    Recently, I played MSD WIFI battle, then after winning 2 matches..... Suddenly I faced 5 Strong hackers out of 15 matches, I was glad that i won 3 hackers but I hate hackers is because I will rage quit to the hackers!!!

    What can I do against hackers? I losing matches rapidly......

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  • Elizzi


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  • Elizzi

    It's so hard!!!! I've tried every single way possible!!! Can anyone help me? Please ;-;

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  • Elizzi

    Since the 2nd daily reward is over (the one with the medals) I have trouble getting medals since it's taking too much time. I was thinking of buying the Brain Robot, since it have a high HP pool and and high attack power. But is it really worth it? Or should I save up/buy something else?

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  • Elizzi

    Keesi or Big shiee?

    November 20, 2015 by Elizzi

    I have trouble choosing which one to buy between those two, I think the keesi is better cause it cost less medals and it's a air unit. I only have 50 medals now so I still have time to choose.

    What are the pros? And cons of both units? Keep in mind I only played this game for 1-2 week and my build is HORRIBLE (I think I made a mistake buying Lori)

    Anyone willing to help?

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  • Elizzi

    I desperately need some help for mission 4. The one when you face that giant red tank (forgot the name) and all those helicopters. Keep I mind that I only started playing this game for 1-2 weeks ago... Here's my deck: -Lori -Green hazmat -Nop-3 Sarubia -3 ton utility truck -Brian Buttler -Svp-001 -mini Jupiter King -slug armor -di-cokka


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  • Elizzi

    New update has arrived!!!!!

    November 19, 2015 by Elizzi

    What do you guys think about the update? -New units -New survival stage -coins that can be exchanged to units or medals -new special missions

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  • ChineseLegolas

    The wiki itself.

    November 18, 2015 by ChineseLegolas

    I'm very happy that there are now a couple of active users here, and that there is ongoing discussion as well.

    However, do you guys want to make maybe just one page a day for the wiki? It's kind of loooong over due. If making a unit page like this is too much, I can cut off some of the sections. Maybe just a very brief paragraph, like, three sentences, and the infobox would be ok.

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  • Elizzi

    Unit help

    November 15, 2015 by Elizzi

    Need help! Should I buy: red ring laser mecha Brian Buttler Slug armor Leona Or Something else?

    It's my second unit I want to purchase after green hazmat, please help.

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  • Elizzi

    Need help for a deck!

    November 14, 2015 by Elizzi

    So,I started playing this game again (it's the fifth time) and I want to play it fair, with no time cheating. So I was wondering, can anyone give me some help for my deck?

    It needs to be very cheap, but also very strong in Wifi. I want it to be very easy to use with fairly low AP so I can deplow them quickly. And maybe one or two KoF units.

    Please answer guys, I don't want to buy some crap units with all my medals... Started the game today, and I currently have 30 medals. I really need some help, so please answer.

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  • Poh.jiarong.7

    Since the major update of 1.34.1... Which is the memory of 256MB?! After playing again, I find out that saving POW is really troublesome sometimes which want me to stop playing the game but eventually complete most of them... So I created this blog is to help me with some tips about the WI-FI battles, I kept facing DAMN high ranking player that i pissed off!

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  • Elizzi

    Hi! So... When the new update came out, I did the time trick (too lazy to get those medals) and bought 2 units. (Green hazmat and another one). After that i restarted the game again and bought the big shiee (my fav boss in the MS series) and I didn't like it that much, It boasts high damage and high defence, but it takes too much AP to deploy. So I restarted the game and bought Brian Butler (to see why people were screaming OP, OP!!!!!!) and I instantly loved him, he have a shitload of health and his active makes him unkillable. But now I've hit a problem, my sortie points won't load....

    Should I just wait 2 months, or delete the game and download it back so I can try other units? (I'm not going to take this game seriously unless the add a…

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  • Toxic alkaloid

    So we just got 1.36.1 (I had midterms and couldn't post this earlier)...

    There are times where it becomes clear as day that SNK has no idea what the flying fuck they are doing. 

    New units.

    1. Heavy D!

    ANOTHER rush unit. Because we currently have a terrible paucity of rush units. This one has the option of a piercing special once he gets in your face. At least it doesn't come with Kyo-style invincibility, or Kyo would go into the trash. 11k hp is quite a lot but wait till you see...

    Update: I finally bothered to look at his AP cost. 250. It has always been a given that 10k+ hp units all cost 300AP or more. Son of a bitch.

    2. freaking Brian Battler

    I want to know what drugs SNK were on when making this piece of crap, so I can not smoke them.

    1. 16875 hp f…
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  • Toxic alkaloid

    Zombie Damage Level 30 HP AP Cost Production speed 1st special charge time Walk Speed Notable OHKOs MSA resistance Survives Slug Gigant's special Survives Rootmars' special
    Zombie Eri ~875 2250 120 7s 5.5s Slow Hyakutaro, Winter Mortar, Utan, MH-6, Winter Bazooka, Monkey Trevor/Nadia, Fat Eri Yes, dies No No
    Clone Fio ~1500 3500 180 9.5s 7.5s Slow, slightly faster than Eri/Marco/Tarma Monkey Marco/Fio, Hazmat Soldier (orange), Rebel Zombie*, Choi Bunge, Guerilla Mortar No No Yes
    Zombie Fio ~1750 4500 240 12s 8s Normal (jumps, nonuniform) SV-Camel Yes Yes Yes
    Zombie Marco ~1750 4500 240 12s 13s Slow See above Yes Yes Yes
    Zombie Tarma ~3500 9000 450 24s 13s Slow Patrol Robot, R-Shobu, R. R-Shobu, R-Shobu ver. P.M., Bird Native, Green Hazmat Soldi…

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  • Toxic alkaloid

    Countering Green Hazmat

    September 20, 2015 by Toxic alkaloid

    Because SNK doesn't want to nerf this annoying unit, I'd just like to share some of my experiences. If you do not have an answer to this unit, you will be utterly destroyed on the short maps, especially if the opponent also packs Iori/Slug Armor (and everyone who is not me has Slug Armor). Note that if it's 2v2, you can still be screwed over if you get a lousy partner and you are up against Green Hazmat + Iori/Slug Armor/Mai on a short map.

    Both Green Hazmat and Mummy have 2000 HP. Note that the rolling mummy ball from the Green Hazmat does a ton of damage (maybe 1.3k+?), which is actually the main reason why it can be difficult to counter when spammed. The grenade also does the same damage (wtf SNK). The balls can roll under Smasher and sp…

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  • Dan67

    King of Fighters Defense

    July 20, 2015 by Dan67

    Is it just me or does the units from the king of fighters collection seem to be both cheap and hard to kill in Wi-fi Versus.

    I try to increase my AP gauge but I keep getting steamrolled by either Jin or Mia before I have the chance to deploy Allen O Neil or even the Metal Rear.

    Please my butt is getting kicked so badly in multiplayer by those KOF units that I can not find a way to counter them in time to defend myself for 30 seconds.

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  • ChineseLegolas

    I'm glad that this wiki is still around even after I left it.

    I sort of got back into Metal Slug and I now have a question. Should I save up for Black Hound, Future Girado, or that other Future tank?

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  • Dinosaurcol

    page for deck types

    February 10, 2015 by Dinosaurcol

    Hi everybody, i have an idea

    Create a page explaining how much deck types there, diference between deck types and more. This page totally needed 

    Some decks which i know are:



    Only tanks


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  • ChineseLegolas


    October 18, 2014 by ChineseLegolas

    Welp, quite a few sprites in MSD can't be found anywhere else, such as the basic soldier. I tried recolouring them in GIMP, but it takes a very, very long time. 

    If anyone can give me the sprite sheets, I can make a few animated gifs. Only a few, mind, as they are very time-consuming to make.

    So, for now, I'd like the "scrambled" image of the basic Soldier.

    I'll add more here.

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  • ChineseLegolas

    New Templates

    October 14, 2014 by ChineseLegolas


    Type: to use.

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