The Boss Stages or more commonly named Emergency Stage is a special stage on the world map that is unlocked at 12 a.m., 6 a.m., 10 p.m., and 6 p.m and are available only for one hour before disappearing until next cycle or when its conquered when all POWs are rescued and in the next cycle a new Boss Stage Appears (If all Emergency Stages are cleared on World 1, the 1st Emergency Stage on World 2 appears etc.).

On Another World The boss stages are unlocked Daily by 24 hours (Have all the day to complete them)

These stages have a red color and no have number unlike others that have a blue color and a number from 1 to 11 and FINAL.

The Boss Stages Edit

There are currently 15 Boss stages, each one with its own leader and an obtainable new Unit if all POWs are released.

4 In World 1

4 In World 2

7 In Another World

These are more difficult missions compared to others in the same world map.

Leaders, Common Units in Stage and POWs RewardsEdit

Boss S. 1:ABUL ABBAS - On World 1: 3-Ton Utility Truck

Common Units: Arabian Pack Units (Arabian Fighter, Arabian Soldier, Camel Rider), Abul Abbas and Iron Nokana.

Boss S. 2:ALLEN O' NEIL - On World 1: Di-Cokka

Common Units: Soldier Pack Units (Rebel Infantry,Bazooka Soldier, Rebel Rifleman, Shielded Soldier, Gatling Soldier, Bikers), Iron ISO, M-15A Bradley, T-2B Melty Honey, Karn or Shoe, Sandbag and Allen O'Neil

Boss S. 3:DONALD MORDEN - On World 1: Nop-03 SARUBIA

Common Units: (We dont have this info yet)

Boss S. 4:MARS PEOPLE - On World 1: Hopper Mecha

Common Units: Hopper mecha,Mars Mecha and Mars People (Warning: Can be more, this list was added by supposition of Martian units seen in othe metal slug games and by help of a user)

On World 2 All Emergency Stages will unlock their Leader, (Example: If the Abbul Abbas stage in World 2 is completed by rescuing all POWs, you unlock Abul Abbas as a unit)