A battle against the two Dragon Nosuke units.

Dragon Nosuke is a "Boss" in Metal Slug Defense. Two of them appear in Another World Area 1: France in Stage 5. The first one (The one closer to the player's base at the beginning) is much weaker than the second, but both share the same attacks. It is not possible to purchase or deploy the Dragon Nosuke.

Attacks Edit

  • Dragon Nosuke is capable of firing a large flaming cannonball, that inflicts enough damage to kill or knock back most light units.
  • When units are closer to Dragon Nosuke, it can fire its chainguns in a wide spray that hits most units in front of it. The bullets can be deflected with a Metal Slug Attack, or a unit that is invlunerable during its special attack (Such as Leona or a Shielded Soldier).