This page will help you understand what Items are and what type of effects they have in the game. There are a few ways to obtain Items. Obtain Items from the Login Bonus as you progress through it. You could buy Items from the shop menu. (Note: all Items are purchased with Medal). You can obtain some Items through completion of certain stages.

The maximum Items value is 99

All Items:

  • Golden Bat: ???
  • Value Set: "Radar x3""ApLvMax x3""Reward Up x3""Mobile Satellite x3"MSP +50000 P" 5 Item Set available.
  • Unlock 1: Allows you to unlock all stages in World 1.
  • Unlock 2: Allows you to unlock all stages in World 2.
  • Radar: 100% chance of freeing 1 POW on winning.
  • APLvMax: AP speed Lv is at Max from start during battle.
  • Reward Up: Battle ending rewards up by 1.5.
  • Mobile Satellite: A "Mobile Satellite" is placed up in the air and automatically attack enemy units.

For the price of the Items enter in  MSD Item Shop.png Shop.

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