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Medals are the premium in-game currency, Medals are used for buying new Units, MSP, Bonus Items, and relieve supplies for in-game stages.

How To Get MedalsEdit

Currently are know 5 ways to get medals:

  • The most basic one is buying Medals with a credit card (Price vary by country).
  • Another way is limited but free, fast and relatively easy, and it is done by clearing the campaign level known as "Sortie". (Starting from recent updates, when you achieved S-rank on all levels in an area, you get 3 medals). The total amount of medals that you can get in "Sortie" after finishing ALL areas with S-rank achieved is about 700+ medals.
    • Event areas are also a source of medals, though the amount of medals awarded varies per event.
  • A third way is more long in terms of time but it's also the easiest way, this way is the Daily Prize. It will only get you a few medals, but with enough patience, you can purchase Medal-based units that you want. In each update, you'll get 30 medals as Daily Prize.
  • A fourth way is a bit more difficult but its confirmed as an infinite source of free medals, by playing against others in Wifi Vs. mode. Every 20,000 Points will award the player 3 medals.
    • In addition, playing 2 vs 2 gives an additional 3 medals for every 5 wins.
    • Playing Wifi Vs. mode also awards the player with Wifi Daily Bonus medals based on the number of points they have obtained for the day, in accordance to this list:
      • 1 to 4,999: 1 medal
      • 5,000 to 9,999: 2 medals
      • 10,000 to 49,999: 3 medals
      • 50,000 to 99,999: 4 medals
      • ≥ 100,000: 5 medals
  • The last way is the newest one, and is by completing Missions in the Missions Tab. Each 5 mission will award you 15 medals. For the first 10 missions, it will award you 30 medals.

Known Prices of Medals Edit

United States Prices:

-$0.99 for 30 Medals

-$2.99 for 90 Medals

-$5.99 for 180 Medals

-$9.99 for 330 Medals (sale as of now)

-$19.99 for 690 Medals (sale as of now)

-$29.99 for 1080 Medals (hot sale as of now)

-$49.99 for 1860 Medals (sale as of now)

-$99.99 for 3900 Medals (best value as of now)