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The Metal Slug Points or MSD are the secondary currency in-game, and its used to upgrade your Base or Units

How to get MSPEdit

There are some ways to get MSP.

  • You can get MSP from playing a battle and successfully winning any Sortie Mission, you'll still receive a reward even during loss, however, the amount is quite small. The amount is determined by the mission difficulty and the stage it's located.
  • Another way is from the Daily Prize, and the rewards increase in quantity the more days you play.
  • The WiFi Versus can also give MSP, however, the rewards vary in quantity, regardless if you win or lose.
  • MSP can also be purchased with Medals (but its not recommendable because of the value of Medals.)

The Price of MSP with MedalsEdit

-5,000 MSP Cost: 40 Medals

-10,000 MSP Cost: 75 Medals

-40,000 MSP Cost: 290 Medals

-100,000 MSP Cost: 690 Medals

-200,000 MSP Cost 1,250 Medals