Patrol Robot

Patrol Robot is a purchasable unit in the game.


Patrol Robot is a long range support unit. It has the lowest AP cost to HP ratio, but makes up for it with its attacks.

While not terribly damaging, the laser it shoots will hit several light units. In addition, when hitting a heavy unit, it strikes the middle of the hitbox, which means it can still spread to other light units. Finally, the laser has a near 100% knockback rate.

Patrol Robot can be bought in the store for 240 Medals.


  • Patrol Robots are deadly in pairs or trios. Once you have two or more on the field at once, take care to protect them.
  • Patrol Robots can very easily get out of hand, but there are ways around them. The best is a well-timed Metal Slug Attack would usually destroy them instantly. Powerful spread damage will also take down the defensively weak Patrol Robots. Lastly, large tank units (such as Augensterm, or Jupiter King) are hit at the front of their hitbox, instead of the middle. This makes the Patrol Robot's knockback useless.