Relief Supplies

"Fever Time" Relief Supply.jpg

Relief Supplies are bonuses you can purchase with Medals in order to give you the edge against your enemies.

Types of Relief Supplies

-SUPER METAL SLUG ATTACK: this is basically METAL SLUG ATTACK but with 3 times the damage compared to a normal one. Cost: 20 Medals

  • Jamming: enemy units advance, and cannot be attacked for the next 20 seconds (there may be a typo in the game) Cost: 90 Medals
  • Repair: the player receives full healing and recovery of all HP of Units and Base. Cost: 10 Medals
  • Fever Time: for one full minute, the player's army level (AP level) will be at max, and the production gauge will not work. (Meaning the player can call the same unit as many times as he/she like, as long as they have AP). Cost: 30 Medals.
  • Search: reveals items on the map, only good before you get units fire projectiles all over the screen. Cost: 10 Medals.
  • Attack Fever: All units can constantly special attack for 20 seconds, great for killing bosses or rushing. Cost: 20 Medals.
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