Sandbag is a unit automatically given to all players.


The Sandbag is a very basic unit, perfect for first-time players. It has fairly high amount of HP for its AP cost, soaking up a lot of  damage, giving time for the player to build up AP. When deployed, a builder is sent out to build the Sandbag. If the builder is hit, the Sandbag is not built and you lose your spent AP.

The Sandbag is automatically obtained when starting the game.


  • One tactic is to place a quick sandbag right in front of the enemy base, instead of using your initial 40 AP to boost AP gain. This tactic is sometimes useless, as players may opt to just rush you down while you have a low AP.
  • Consider tapping the builder to immediately place down the sandbag. Though the builder places it automatically as far up as possible, the enemy player may use a quick special attack to shoot the builder, wasting your 40 AP.