Special Force (Rider)

The Special Force (Rider) is a purchasable unit in the game.


A fast-producing unit, the Special Force rider can be thought of as a mini Metal Slug Attack. Unlike other units, it "commits suicide" by crashing into enemies, dealing huge spread damage.

Special Force (Rider) can be bought in the store for 240 Medals.


  • This unit can fulfill two different, but extremely important roles. In fast, rush decks, the rider can be used to push for damage on the base or to remove one or two heavier units, such as Morden Robot.
  • Rush decks also benefit from the rider on longer maps, where they are at a disadvantage. Spamming riders can help keep up pressure.
  • In a slow deck with many lategame tank units, such as Metal Rear or Jupiter King, the rider can be used to help control the battlefield until you've saved enough AP.
  • Patrol Robot is a hard counter to the Special Force (Rider). With its extremely low Health, one laser beam is enough to take it down. R-Shobu's missiles are also enough to destroy a charging rider before it hits your other units. The Metal Slug Attack will also make the rider useless. Lastly, the special attack of Black Hound renders this unit useless.
  • This unit's special attack and normal attack actually deal similar damage. Consider not using its special attack if there is no time for it to charge up, as this unit can be vulnerable while it prepares for its fast wheelie.