There are many different types of units with many different abilities and attacks. This page will help you understand what your units are capable of.

Unit ListEdit

"Soldier" HP:? AP:30. Movement speed: Normal Production rate: Very Fast. Standard attack: spread. Range: Very short (contact) Special attack: spread. Range: Normal.

"Ralf" HP:1500 AP:140. 

Movement speed: Normal

Production rate: Slow. 

Standard attack: Flame Shot/spread. Range:Short 

Special attack: Galatic Phantom/spread/Pierce Guard. Range: Long(Ralf perform a long distance punch running through any enemy with a heavy damage.

Etc:If Ralf is close to any enemy(usually from his Special Attack)he will perform Vulcan Punch which deal heavy damage.

"Slug Noid" HP:800 AP:80. 

Movement speed: Slow

Production rate: Slow. 

Standard attack: Double MachineGun/Single. Range:Normal

Special attack: Iron Lizard/spread/Pierce Guard. Range: Long(An upgraded iron lizard humanoid robot will run toward the targer.This attack however has a chances to fail where the Iron Lizard may trip and stop midway)

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