Utan is a purchasable unit in the game.


Utan is a fast-producing but very fragile unit. This unit has one of the highest damage for its AP cost, as a trade-off for its low health. 

This unit randomly stops moving/attacking to eat a banana. Activating the special attack will stop this.

Utan can be bought in the store for 100 Medals.


  • Try to shield Utan with tough units that stand in front of it, or with large hitboxes. A classic example is Claw Unit. Once protected, a swarm of Utans can quickly end the game.
  • Utan, even when shielded, are vulnerable to attacks with a wide area of effect, such as Zombie Marco's and Clone Fio's Vomit Lasers. Try to take those units out as soon as possible.
  • For countering Utan, use the two aforemention units with Vomit Laser. Ring Laser Mecha is also a hard counter to Utans. If they are not available, try to time your Metal Slug Attack so it will wipe out as many Utans as possible.