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World 3 is the fourth world unlocked. You gain access to it after you beat all normal stages in World 2. It has a purple background.

Unlocking Stages

Unlocking the normal and boss levels is the same as in Worlds 1 & 2.

Note: Boss levels will be unlocked after you beat all normal stages, like in previous worlds.

The highest difficulty level found in this world is Expert.

Rewards & Unlocks


Area 1: 2 Radar

Area 2:10 Medals

Area 3: 1 Mobile Satellite

Area 4: 10 Medals

Area 5: 1 Ap Level Max

Area 6:10 Medals

Area 7: 3 Rewards Up

Area 8: 10 Medals

Area 9: 1 Ap Level Max

Area 10: 10 Medals

Area 11: Ap Level Max

Area Final: 100 Medals

- -By Unlocking POW's

Area Final: Trevor Mummy

Boss Area 1: Elite Arabian Soldier

Boss Area 2: Cyborg Allen'O Neil

Boss Area 3:Morden Robot

Boss Area 4: Mars People Cadre


  • All Metal Slug characters in World 3 are zombie versions of the originals
  • The Enemy AI in World 3 will now use unit specials more frequently than in World 3.
  • This is the only normal world to have more than 7 prisoners per level.